Monday, February 13

A Visit from Grandma Jill

Jeff's mom came to visit us on Thursday & went home early this morning. 
We had so much fun with her here. I think the girls are missing her today. We enjoy having someone besides the 3 of us here during the day sometimes. 
On Friday we spent the day at the mall. We had lunch & did some shopping. The girls were so good the whole time! When Jeff & Mike got off work we all went to Brick Oven for dinner. 

On Saturday morning I went to get a massage from a friend in our ward. She was only charging $10 for a 30-minute massage! It was amazing. After I was done I met everyone at Golden Corral to have lunch with Jeff's grandparents. 
I shared a bite of my chocolate covered strawberry with the girls. :)

After we went home & the girls took a nap, we went to the Legacy Center to swim!

Jeff & I took the girls down the slide. It looks small but it's actually really fast!

After swimming, we went home & changed & went to Goodwood for dinner. We didn't think it would be super busy because it was almost 8:00 but there was a high school dance that night & it was still pretty packed when we got there. After they seated us we waited for about 20 minutes & no one had come to talk to us or take our order. We were just getting ready to go tell someone when the manager walked by. He realized that we had been sitting there for a long time & was so embarrassed. He grabbed a napkin & took our order and told us that our dinner & dessert was on them. The WHOLE thing! We told him it wasn't a big deal but he apologized over & over. He said he was surprised we didn't get up & walk out.

On Sunday Jill wasn't feeling very good so she stayed home from Church to rest. After the rest of us got home, the girls (and I) took a really long nap. Then we spent the rest of the evening just relaxing. We felt bad that Jill was sick on her last day with us but we're so glad she was able to come out for a little visit! We miss her already.

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