Sunday, February 5

Livin' in the Nude

I'm oh so glad this week is almost over and am crossing my fingers that next week will be better for us.
Wrigley had diarrhea all day. Wasn't acting like she felt good. Just wanted to be held. Didn't have much of an appetite. Screamed the saddest scream in the world every time I had to change her diaper because her poor little bum was so sore. 
We were supposed to go to Matthew's basketball game that night but I didn't feel like we should take Wrigs so just Jeff & Morley went.
I got Wrigley ready for bed & was feeding her a bottle when she pooped. Again. We got up to go get a diaper and she threw up. All over me & herself & the floor. Poor little thing. I got her all cleaned up and wrapped her up in a blanket and we cuddled on the couch. She fell right to sleep. 
Wrigley seemed like she was feeling quite a bit better. Still didn't have much of an appetite but the diarrhea was gone. And no more throwing up. Maybe just a 24 hour thing?? Phew. We hung out at home all day. 
When I was feeding the girls dinner, Morley wasn't wanting much & just acting kind of funny. Then she threw up. A LOT. At least it was in the kitchen this time and not on the carpet. I got her cleaned up while Jeff finished feeding Wrigs. As soon as I put clean pajamas on her she threw up again. And then again a little later. And again and again. All evening. 
We were supposed to go do our taxes that night but clearly Morley wasn't going anywhere so just Jeff & Wrigley went. (That was probably the only happy thing that happened this week...we found out we are getting a lot more money back than we thought! More than double what we were planning on! :)
Morley & I cuddled on the couch and she was asleep within seconds. Poor little lady.
She woke up around 1:00am and I brought her in our room. She was so hungry so we decided to try giving her a couple ounces of a bottle. She kept it down for maybe 20 minutes and then threw up all over the bed. 
No more throwing up, but both girls had diarrhea. 
More diarrhea.
Jeff let me sleep in. I needed it. And yes...lots of diarrhea. 

If I have to clean puke or poop out of one more thing, I might scream. I decided somewhere during the week to stop putting clothes on them, but the dang poop will not stay in the diapers. So I either clean it out of clothes or out of the carpet. 
I don't even want to think about how many diapers we've gone through.
The girls have taken more baths this week than they have in their whole lives combined.
Not really, of course. But it sure feels like it. 
At least they're still smiling :) Those smiles are truly what got me through this week.
I hate seeing my babies feeling yucky. If I could take their place, I would in a second. 
Pray for us that this next week goes better!


Jaime Stephens said...

Your date to the game looks fun! Glad you guys could go, thats awesome.. So so sad that the girls were sick! I sure hope you didn't get it! It is so sweet that even when they are puking they are smiling when my twins had the bug a few months ago they did that too. So sad! Hope this week is better!

Amy Nielson said...

Sounds pretty miserable to me!! :( For the girls and you. Glad they are all better now.