Thursday, February 2

Date Night With My Man

Remember us??

We used to make the blog occasionally! ;) Now it should probably be called "The Wrigley & Morley Blog"! :) They're just so much more fun to take pictures of.

My parents have season tickets to the Jazz games & last weekend they offered to watch the babies so Jeff & I could go to a game. We were talking on the way up there about how weird it was to not have the girls with us :) We rarely go on dates anymore. It's sad. We definitely need to work on having regular date nights. We just always take the girls with us when we go out. They are so well behaved & we enjoy having them with us. But it is nice to get out just the two of us and be able to talk without being interrupted & enjoy each others' company.

The game was fun. The Jazz were playing the Sacramento Kings. Jimmer's team. Everyone was cheering for Jimmer and would "Boo!" every time he got taken out. They were still cheering for the Jazz, but Jimmer too. It was funny. 

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Chelle! said...

You two are so wonder your daughters are adorable. What a fun night to watch the Jazz.