Wednesday, May 29

Memorial Day Hike

Danielle told us about a kid-friendly hike to a waterfall up Pleasant Grove Canyon and we decided to try it out on Memorial Day. 
This was the girls' first  experience with hiking and it was so fun. They wanted to stop every few minutes to explore. I love their curiosity so much. 

This was a butterfly we stopped to study for a while.

They wanted to stay here all day and throw rocks in this pond off the side of the trail. 

Then we found a little cave to explore. 

When we finally got to the waterfall, the girls had a blast playing in the little stream at the bottom.

These two are so good at reminding me to slow down and see the beauty and excitement in the small, everyday things that I might usually take for granted. 

We ended our day with a BBQ at my parents' house. 
This was our contribution. 

Friday, May 24

Feeding the Ducks

I have so many fun memories of going to feed the ducks with my family when I was younger. This is the first time we took the girls to feed the ducks and it was so much fun that I definitely want to do it more often. 
They loved throwing bread into the water and watching the ducks eat it. 

And then they realized there were ducks hanging out on the grass behind us. First the girls just looked at them, slowly moving closer and closer. Then they started chasing them all over and laughing hysterically. 
It was so funny to watch. 

Monday, May 6

Summer's Comin'

The weather is warming up.
And we are excited!
It's getting warm enough to hang out outside eating watermelon.

And even play in the pool!

We may just live outside this summer.

Friday, May 3

Easter 2013

I had a clinical from 6am-6pm the day before Easter. I was exhausted when I got home but we hadn't had a chance to dye Easter eggs yet and I wanted to girls to be able to do it so we did it before bed that night. 

We had quite a few cracked and broken eggs by the end of it but the girlies had fun!

The girls were so excited in the morning to see that the Easter Bunny had come!

And Uncle Mike got them some Easter gifts too. 

Mike left this big Cheetah right outside their bedroom door so they would see it when they woke up in the morning. 
(Check out Morley's bed head! It's always so awesome!)

Ready for church!

That evening we went to my parents' house. It was beautiful weather and we had a great evening playing in the backyard. 
The girls are obsessed with this wagon. They would rather pull it than ride in it and they kept wanting to pull me around in it! :)

Then my dad built a fire in the fire pit. It was the perfect way to end a great day!

Family Easter Egg Hunt

The girls were so excited to have another Easter Egg Hunt!
We "hid" their eggs first and watched them hunt. 

They loved it every bit as much as the first time. Especially the candy.

This was the only picture I got of the adults but we did egg hunt also, after Wrigley & Morley.