Thursday, February 9

Baby Love

Morley & Wrigs love Hadley. Like a whole lot. It's getting harder & harder for me to keep them away from her when she is here. I have to find places to put her where they can't reach. :)
Yesterday, Wrigley was determined to get to her. Finally I just sat Wrigley on the couch & put Hadley on her lap. She was the happiest little girl in the world. Jeff & I were laughing so hard. She wrapped her little arms around Hadley and got the biggest smile on her face. Then after a minute she pushed her away. Then reached her arms back out to "hold" her again. And it was the same thing over & over & over.

Look at that face! So proud of herself. :)

Morley was watching this whole thing & we thought she might want to try. 
She thought it was kinda fun once & then was done. :) 
Oh I love my little cuties!


Jaime Stephens said...

Cute they are ready for a sister :-) jk.... Your girls seem like they are way older then they really are!

Amy Nielson said...

Haha! Sure cute to see Wrigley's happy face!