Monday, February 27

Matthew Plays Basketball

We were finally able to make it to one of Matthew's basketball games last week. I've wanted to go for a long time but the game was too late for the girls or something always came up.
Jeff & Morley had been to a game before so as we were walking in I asked Jeff, "Is this where we go in?" And he said, "Yeah." And then Wrigs said, "YEAH!" So funny :)

Here are some pictures from the game...

The girls didn't want to sit still for one minute. Big surprise. 
Mostly they wanted to dive right off the bleachers so we had to keep a good eye on them. Wrigley was walking around and slipped and hit the back of her head pretty hard on one of the benches. She got a big bump :(

Unfortunately, Matthew's team lost.
My mom told Jeff he should coach their team next year.
Clearly, she's not a big fan of his current coach.

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