Tuesday, February 28

Little America Weekend

Jeff & I were talking on Thursday & decided we needed a little weekend getaway. So I talked to my parents & they agreed to watch the girls for us. 
Jeff was able to get off work a little early on Friday and we took the girls up to my parents' house & headed up to Salt Lake to stay at the Little America Hotel.
This was our room.

 And the view from our balcony.

With the package we did we got a $60 dining credit to eat in any of the restaurants at the hotel. For dinner we ate at the Sports Bar. It was a pretty fancy Sports Bar. Jeff said he felt out of place. 
After we ate we drove over to the Gateway Mall & did a little shopping. It was nice to just walk around and take our time. It was a really beautiful night. 
When we were finished there we went back to the hotel & sat in the hot tub. It was packed. 

Here's Jeff relaxing in his robe after we got back from the hot tub.

I didn't sleep as well that night as I thought I would. I woke up a few times thinking I needed to check the babies. 
In the morning we ate at the Breakfast Buffet. Oh my. It was delicious! They had every breakfast food you could want. Pastries & muffins...my favorite! And Jeff was in heaven with as much bacon as he could ever want. There was an omelet station and while Jeff was waiting for his omelet to be made a lady came up next to him & the girl making the omelets was admiring her scarf. The lady took it off, handed it to her & said, "Here you can have it. I got it in New York but I go there all the time so I can easily get another one."
How cool is that?! I want to be able to do things like that one day! :)

After breakfast, we walked around some of the little shops in the hotel, then went back up to our room & relaxed for a little bit before we needed to get packed up & check out. It was just a short little getaway but totally worth it.


Amy Nielson said...

Very nice! Even if it is just for a short time, getting away without kids is a nice break and so important. Glad you guys got to go and have fun.

Lacey Johnson said...

Travis and I spent our last anniversary there and LOVED it. It's perfect for a little getaway and the buffet is the sole reason we go there:) I remember the hot tub and pools being overly crowded when we were there was well. Glad you guys were able to get a little break. YOur girls are getting so big!

Jaime Stephens said...

Good for you guys! Glad you had fun!