Thursday, January 19

Weekend with the family

Jeff went out of town for work the first weekend in January. He was gone Wednesday-Monday. On Friday my mom called and asked if the girls & I wanted to spend the weekend at their house since Jeff was gone. We did! :)
My family had just gotten a new puppy that week & this was the first time we had seen her. The girls were fascinated by her as long as she was far away.  If they were on the floor, the puppy got excited and would jump on them & nip at them. They were not fans.

The girls' favorite thing to do at Grandpa & Grandma's lately is empty the DVD shelf. 
They do it over & over & over.

On Saturday afternoon I wasn't feeling the greatest so my parents took Morley to Matthew's basketball game & I laid down with Wrigley, who needed a nap! 
Morley had a big blowout at the game. Like the biggest blowout ever in her life. My mom brought her home & we put both girls in the bath. The bottom of this tub has little bumps all over so it's not slippery at all. So we bathed them without the bumbos. I've never done that before & they thought it was pretty fun to be able to crawl all around the tub.
On Sunday the girls & I went to nursery with my mom. I understand completely now why they don't normally let 9 month olds go to nursery. ;) There was one little girl in there that loved the babies. LOVED. The rest of the kids did not. They didn't like them at all. They didn't want to share toys with the girls & didn't like them touching their toys or them. My poor babies got pushed over quite a few times. :(  I guess we'll wait until they're 18 months for nursery. 

And I just have to post this picture because it's the only one I have ever gotten where you can see Wrigley's one little dimple :) Isn't it cute?!

I love having my family so close & that they are always so willing to help out with the babies. It probably helps that they're such cute babies! ;)

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