Friday, January 20

Swimming at the Legacy Center

Last Saturday we went to the Legacy Center to swim with Nate, Caitlin & the boys and Mike. They have this perfect, shallow little pool for kids and the girls LOVED it! When we first set them down and they realized they could crawl around & splash in the water as much as they wanted they were so excited! I have never seen them so excited. I think there was a smile on Wrigley's face for 10 minutes straight! :)

 Morley tried out these little swings and didn't think they were that fun. She just wanted to be free to play in the water.

 I'm so sad these pictures didn't turn out very well. I love that look on her face! Pure joy! :)

 These 2 girls on the other side of the net were having so much fun playing with the twins!

We had such a fun night! Seeing my girls that happy makes me so happy! I can't wait until we do it again! 

Probably 30 seconds after we put the girls in their car seats to go home they were asleep. Swimming is exhausting! We decided since we were in Lehi, to stop by Buffalo Wild Wings where Matthew was camping out for the weekend. Their official opening was on Monday & the first 100 people through the doors won free wings for a year. Matthew and a few of his friends were the 2nd group in line and stayed there from Friday night to Monday! Crazy boys! I guess it was worth it to them....and they got free wings for a year!


Erika said...

I want to go! El would die over that.
Your girls are the cutest in their little swimsuits!

Amy Nielson said...

Such cute pictures!! Such happiness! Love it! Looks like a fun place.