Thursday, January 5

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a pretty relaxing day. It was fun that it fell on a Saturday so Jeff didn't have to work! 
Jeff has been getting up with the girls on Saturday mornings so that I can sleep in a little bit. On Christmas Eve I slept until 10:00! I was shocked when I woke up & it was that late. And I kind of felt bad for sleeping so long but it sure felt so good! 
My mom called a little bit after I woke up & wanted the girls & I to go with her to visit the Carters. After that we stopped at Target to pick up a few last minute things. That was crazy. 
When we got home the babies took a nap while Jeff & I got things ready to go to my parents' house. We had to take both cars over there to be able to fit everything. Both cars were packed. 
We had dinner at my parents' & then just relaxed with the family while the girls played & wore themselves out.

My mom has a Christmas tradition that I love & am going to start with the girls next year! She wraps 25 Christmas books at the beginning of December & then they (just her and Maggie now) unwrap one & read it each night. 
The babies got to read this one with them.
I love how much these girls love books!

We read Luke 2, watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas  & took pictures of our Christmas socks before the babies went to bed.
Remember how last year I was saying there would be 4 more little feet in our Christmas sock picture next year? I swear that was just a couple months ago. Time flies, people. Flies!

After the girls went to bed Jeff & Matthew brought in the presents from the cars & we got them set up around the tree. Then Jeff went to bed & I stayed up & helped my mom & dad wrap presents while watching Alvin & the Chipmunks on TV! :) 
Around midnight, my mom said she could finish up & sent me to bed!

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