Wednesday, January 11

Christmas Day 2011

The girls woke up a little before 8:00 on Christmas morning. Jeff & I fed them & changed their diapers before we woke everybody else up.

Santa Came! And he spoiled us all (but mostly Wrigs & Morley).

The girls enjoyed finding out what was in their stockings.
They wanted to play with all of it & would have been happy to have been done right then ;)

They wanted nothing to do with unwrapping the presents. But after they were open they were happy to play with the new toys.

They got TONS of new books! Which is great because they love books!

Christmas with kids is so much more fun! I had presents for me piling up because I was having so much fun opening the girls' gifts & seeing the excitement on their little faces when they saw what was inside. And I know it's just going to get better & better as they get older & understand more what is going on :)


The rest of us got presents too :)

 My mom got my dad an iPad 2 for Christmas. We all knew about it and were so excited to see him open it. He had no idea & it was fun to see the look on his face when he opened it. He was very excited :)

I didn't get any pictures of any of the gifts that I got but I got a lot of fun things. Socks, a gift certificate for a massage, a few new shirts & jackets and a necklace from the babies :)  Oh and all 4 seasons of PRISON BREAK!! :) 
Jeff & I didn't buy each other gifts this year because we are buying ourselves a bed! I'm very excited! :)

The aftermath....

My dad made us a yummy breakfast. Orange rolls, eggs, sausage & orange juice. 
Then we put the girls down for a nap and got ready for church. 

I thought it was great that Christmas was on a Sunday this year. We got to have our more "worldly" Christmas & open gifts in the morning & then were able to go to church and have our more "Spiritual" Christmas & worship Christ, who is the reason we celebrate Christmas after all. The program in Sacrament Meeting was mostly music, which I love. I, personally, feel the Spirit so strongly through music. I thought it was a beautiful program and very perfect for the day. It was fun to be at church with my whole family and kind of nice to have so many more sets of hands to keep the babies entertained so I was able to actually get a little bit more out of Sacrament Meeting :)

After we got home from church Marsh called! It was so fun to talk to him for a while! We tried to get the babies to talk to him because sometimes they will talk to my mom on the phone, but they wouldn't. :(
Hopefully next time he gets to call they will. 

After we talked to Marsh, we headed over to Nate & Caitlin's to exchange gifts with them & visit for a little bit. Then we went back to my parents' house for dinner.We had steak and potatoes. 
Then we opened a few of the girls' new toys and let them play with them :)

 They didn't quite understand how to push this toy around, they just wanted to play with the toys on the front. They are pros at pushing it around and walking behind it now, though :)


After we put the babies to bed we played some new games my family got for the Wii. They also got 2 new controllers so 4 of us could play at once. 
Jeff had to work the next day so he went home and the girls and I stayed overnight again. 
One of Mckay's friends came over and we played a couple more new games (Buzzword & Things) until after midnight! The next morning when I had to get up with the girls, I regretted that decision ;) 

This is what our living room looked like the next day when we took everything home.

We had such a great Christmas, spending time with family & friends and reflecting on the birth of our Savior. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well :) 


Jaime Stephens said...

How fun. The girls are so cute, I always say that but they really are.. Your family picture with you guys dressed up for church is such a good picture you guys all look great.. It was fun to see you guys we need to do it again (and you left a toy ps..)

Amy Nielson said...

Wow, you weren't kidding when you said the girls got spoiled!! :D My kids had some of those same toys when they were little. Fun stuff! Jacob loved those bath squirter animals. He played with them more out of the bath then in the bath. The turtle was his favorite because he could chew on its head and that was his first word. :) Looks like a super fun day with a bit of chaotic mess, like us. Wish we could have all been together. I'm not sure anyone would have fit in the living room though if we had combined our presents together. ;)