Saturday, January 21

Temple & More Swimming

Last week in Relief Society there was a sign up sheet going around for a service project the Activity Day girls would be doing the next Saturday (today). Their leaders wanted to teach them how to babysit so they were asking for kids to watch. I didn't sign up. But then last night one of my friends from the ward called & said her & another friend from the ward were going to drop their girls off this morning & go do a session at the temple and asked if I wanted to drop my girls off & go with them. I said yes. Jeff didn't really have anything going on today & could have watched the twins while I went but the Activity Day girls didn't have many kids to watch so I took them over to the church anyway. This was the first time we have left the girls with anyone who isn't family & Jeff was so worried about it all evening :)  "Are you sure you don't just want me to watch them?" "Are you sure they're going to be okay?" "They aren't going to know anyone...what if they look around & don't see anyone they know & think we left them there & are never coming back to get them?" It was cute how worried he was about his little girls :)
I dropped them off at 9:00 this morning and told Jeff he could pick them up whenever he wanted. He picked them up at 10:30. The leaders who were supervising said the girls were so good! They had so much fun playing and didn't fuss or get upset at all. And I had such a great time with Lauren & Nicole at the temple! I'm so glad I was able to go. It's always fun to be able to go out with friends and always great to be at the temple. 
When Jeff & I first moved into this ward we got put into the nursery right away and then were put straight into primary from there. So the only people we knew in the ward were the ones in primary. When the twins were born we were released from our calling and it felt like we were brand new all over again. There were so many people we didn't know because we never got to go to Sunday School or Priesthood/Relief Society. For so long I felt like I had no friends in the ward. About 6 months ago Lauren and her husband moved into our ward and she happened to sit next to me in Relief Society her first Sunday there. She has a little girl who is 14 months old and our girls always play together/with each others toys at church. A few months later Nicole & her husband moved in with their little girl who is now 13 months old. We started talking when we were both out in the hall with babies at church one Sunday. She started bringing Gabbie to a playgroup we go to on Tuesdays and we have become good friends. I'm so glad these two ladies moved into our ward. We have so much fun together & it's fun to have other people (girls) to talk to who are in the same stage of life as I am and going through the same things. 

Nicole & her husband were wanting to take their little Gabbie swimming this afternoon & asked if we wanted to go with them. So we got to go to the Legacy Center again! :) 
The girls had so much fun. Again :)

 Wrigley likes Gabbie a little too much!

The girls fell right to sleep again as soon as we got in the car. :)

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