Monday, January 16

I could totally handle triplets

If they were all as good as this baby!
This is my friend's baby, Hadley. She's 2 months old. I'm watching her on Mondays while her mommy works.
She is seriously the best baby. The only time she fusses at all is when she is hungry. Really. She just lays there & looks around, happy as can be. My babies never did that. NEVER. They cried for 4 months straight, it felt like ;) It's crazy how you forget so quickly what they were like at that age. Wrigs & Morley were just that little 8 months ago but it seems like they were never that small. I forgot how much they sleep & how often  they have to eat. And that that's pretty much all they do! Oh, and poop.
It's funny to see the twins around her. They like her and get excited to see her but they kind of stare at her like, "Why are just sitting there? Why aren't you playing with us?" When she first gets here they pay attention to her but after a few minutes they are bored of it & go about their playing, happy as can be until I pick up Hadley. Then they are hanging on my legs, whining, both wanting me to hold them. Most of the time, they have no problem with me holding the other twin. It's like they know they have to share me with each other but another little person is not okay!
Last week was the first week we watched her. My little Morley was even more clingy to mommy than normal :) Today they seem to be handling it a little bit better so far. They just don't really pay much attention to her.
Hadley likes to sit up on the couch & watch Wrigs & Morley. They are very entertaining :) She even smiles at them when they get close. Until they pull her blanket off & steal her binky.
This makes me feel like I could totally handle another baby right now. But at the same time it makes me not want to have one for a really long time because then I wouldn't be able to give 100% of my attention to the twins and I don't like that.


Amy Nielson said...

You could TOTALLY handle another baby now. ;)

Caitlin@cait. create. said...

Wow, you're a champ! Three babies every week! That's really nice of you. You're such a good mom :)