Thursday, January 26

Some Randoms

The girls have 4 teeth each now! Both of them had their 4th tooth cut through like 2 weeks ago. They're just so dang cute! Having all these teeth is making them not look like my little babies anymore. They're just so grown up :(

Wrigley loves ears. She plays with her own ears when she is eating and when she is going to sleep. It's so funny. If I'm trying to get her to go to sleep and she's being real wiggly and restless, I'll start rubbing her ear and she becomes completely still and relaxed.
Morley likes having her ears rubbed also but she never plays with her own ears. We have church at 11:00 now, which is so hard! They girls usually go down for a nap around 10:30 or 11 so it just messes up their schedule. They don't usually fall asleep at church so they don't get a nap until after 2! But a couple times I have put Morley on my lap with her bink and rubbed her ear and she went right to sleep :)

A favorite at our house these days is being chased. I'll crawl after the girls on my hands and knees and they will crawl away as fast as their little bodies can go, giggling all the way! :)

The girls & I go to a Playgroup on Tuesday mornings with some people in our ward. We actually have it at the house of a lady who isn't in our ward though. She's in our stake. Anyway, she has a little girl who is 2 or 3 and she is the oldest child at the playgroup. She's always taking toys from the littler kids. It makes me crazy & her mom rarely does anything about it. Well this last Tuesday she came over to where my girls were playing with a puzzle. Our puzzle. That we brought. She started putting the puzzle pieces in and the babies took them back out. Because that's how they do puzzles. The little girl got mad and was pushing their hands away. I told her it was their puzzle and she could play with it if she shared with them. She said, "No! My puzzle!" Then she pushed Morley over. Morley eventually gave up and moved on to another toy but my stubborn little Wrigley did not. Her hand kept getting pushed away but she would try again & again. Finally she got so frustrated that she hit the little girl! Right in the face! Where do they learn this stuff? It must be a natural instinct or something. Anyway, I tried real hard not to laugh. It was so unexpected and I was kind of shocked. And secretly maybe a little bit proud of her for standing up for herself. But I know that's not the way to go about things so I told her we don't hit and finally the little girl's mom stepped in and told her she couldn't play with the puzzle unless she was going to share.

Wrigley is obsessed with this baby doll. She gives her loves & points to her nose all day long!

Morley uses everything as a phone lately! Funniest thing ever. She picks things up and puts them up to her ear and starts jabbering away. But if I put a real phone up to her ear and she hears someone talking on the other end she won't make a sound.

I just remembered another thing that happened at playgroup this week. One of the other moms there was giving the kids crackers and Wrigley saw & just stood up and walked right over to her to get the cracker. She took like 7 steps right in a row! Before that she had only ever taken 3 steps in a row. It was insane! It's like she sees all these other kids that are her size walking around and is like, "Oh, I got this!" I tried to get her to do it again that night to show Jeff but she wouldn't. Only when she wants to I guess.

Morley has gotten kind of aggressive lately. The girls have started "fighting" over toys the last few weeks and Morley is showing us her feisty side. If Wrigley tries taking something from her, she holds on as tight as she can and screams at the top of her lungs. If she tries to take something from Wrigs and Wrigs won't let her have it, she screams at the top of her lungs. Fun stuff.

I'm not sure if Morley knows how to take her bink out of her mouth. If I give the girls a snack and she has her bink in, she will just play with the food until I take the bink out for her. :)

For some reason whenever I am feeding the girls, Wrigley likes to reach over and stick her finger in Morley's mouth. She has done this for a while but just the last few days has gotten bit every time she does it. You'd think she would learn after the first 2 or 3 times. But, no. Still does it. And each time she gives Morley the dirtiest look like, "What did you just do?" 

Ever since the girls' top teeth have come in, they both grind their teeth together all day long. It makes me so crazy!! I don't know how to get them to stop.

Today the girls & I were going a little stir crazy being stuck in the house so we decided to get bundled up and go for a walk. My first idea was to go to the park and swing but it was raining a little bit when we went out so we just walked. It was nice to be outside. And it wasn't super cold. I mean, it was raining. In January.


Chelle! said...

You are the cutest mom!! I love reading your blog and looking at the adorable pictures of your sweet little girls.

Kyra said...

Kennedy started grinding her teeth when she first had teeth to grind. She grew out of it relatively quickly, and the doc said that since they're just baby teeth and not permanent it wasn't a big deal. It's annoying but not something I would worry about.

Jaime Stephens said...

There matching coats are so cute! Cute I love all the randomness because lots of it I can relate to :-)... I love the sticking up to the 2 year old story nice work, She will for sure look out for sister.. Yay for Wrigley walking thats so fun. Part of me wants my babies to start walking and stop crawling but part of me doesn't it's going to get even crazier for a bit huh :-)..

Amy Nielson said...

I love reading all these little random facts about them. :) Make me smile and laugh!! And I think I would have felt the same when Wrigley hit that little girl. HA! Go get her Wrigley!