Tuesday, December 13

Temple Square Lights

Last week Melinda's choir was singing at Temple Square. It was a good excuse for us to go up there to hear her sing and then walk around and look at the lights. 
 Melinda's choir sounded great. Wrigley was dancing & clapping the whole time :)

We bundled the girls up in the stroller & they didn't move the whole time. Seriously. When it's super cold and we wrap them up, they are still as can be. So funny.
 They were pretty much in awe of all the lights. They just stared.
Temple Square is always gorgeous but at Christmas time it's even more incredible. Going up to see the lights is one of my favorite things to do around the holidays. 
It was weird being there without any snow on the ground. We've had hardly any snow this year, so far.

I took about 3,000 pictures of the girls that night. I just couldn't get over how cute they looked in their little snowsuits!

They both crashed on the way home.

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Jaime Stephens said...

We are going to the lights on Friday.. I hope the babies last.. I am glad it entertained the girls it gives me hope that we will make it :-)....