Thursday, December 15

Oh Christmas Tree

We finally got a Christmas tree on Saturday! It's a real one :) I love that I get to smell pine now every time I walk through the door. It smells like Christmas :)
I was worried about the girls not leaving the tree alone but we haven't had any problems with it. They both touched it when we first set it up & didn't like the feel of it on their hands so have pretty much left it alone since. We have pulled a few pine needles out of two little mouths though. I just end up vacuuming 4-5 times a week now instead of the usual 3!
They occasionally will play with the Santa ornaments but I'm okay with that. They can't really hurt them.
They were so helpful putting the ornaments on the tree.
I was letting them play with them/suck on them until Wrigley decided to start pounding on the rest of them with the one in her hand. It shattered and then Jeff was put on baby duty while I finished up.


I let them help me put their very first ornaments (from Grandma Maria) on the tree :)
We went to Jeff's grandparents' house for dinner on Sunday & they gave us these Santa ornaments & some cute chocolate ornaments to add to our tree.

We added a fun new Christmas decoration to our collection this year.
We set it up on the bottom shelf of our bookcase & the girls love it. 
I always set it back up when they are sleeping and it's the first place they go when they wake up. :)

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