Friday, December 30

Christmas Week

The week before Christmas was busy busy busy for us. We had something going on every night, which meant the girls were up late every night. Poor things. Their schedules are still not back to normal. 

One of my good friends from high school got married and we were able to attend his reception. I hated all the drama with my girl friends in high school so a lot of the time I hung out with guys. These were some of my best friends. 
 (Kasey, Jason, Jon, Spencer, Rey) 
Durrell (the one who got married) was too busy to be in our picture.
It was so fun to see them all and hear about what's going on in all their lives. It was the first time a couple of them had met the girls and it was fun to show them off. :)

On Tuesday the girls & I spent the day at Caitlin's house baking Christmas goodies with her & Joy! The girls had fun playing with the boys and all their fun toys! I think Dalton was a little confused why they were playing with all his stuff!
We made chocolate cake mix cookies with mint M&M's, brown sugar & maple cookies, Oreo truffles, english toffee & soft gingerbread cookies.
While we were making plates for neighbors & friends, Wrigs was sitting on my lap & grabbed an Oreo Truffle before I could stop her. She squeezed it so I just let her have it. I think it was the best day of her life. 

When Morley woke up from her nap I gave her one too :)

We went to a 3 Christmas parties & I didn't take any pictures :( 
We had fun delivering Christmas goodies & visiting with friends. One night we went to Justin & Michonne's house for dinner. 
Wrigley was giving "loves" all night :)
 Wrigley loves electronics. If we have the laptop on while she is awake she will do anything in her power to get to it & pound on the keys. So Mike gave us an old keyboard for the girls to play with.
When Jeff is using the laptop he gives her the keyboard to distract her. It works for about a minute but she's not fooled....she knows it's not the same & she wants the laptop! 
She also loves cell phones & Ipads. While we were at Justin & Michonne's, their little boy, Bryson, was playing on the Ipad. Wrigley saw him & wanted to play too. 
You can tell by Bryson's face how happy he was to have her there. ;)

We went to Jonathan & Julie's house on Friday night for a little family Christmas party. We ate too much & played lots of fun games! Ryan kept asking to hold the babies. They are almost as big as he is.
 Such a little dude :)

Jeff & I and the girls drove out to Spanish Fork one night to drive through the Festival of Lights.
We took the girls out of their carseats so they could see the lights out the windows. They thought it was pretty fun!

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