Thursday, December 15

28 years!

This is a picture of my parents on their wedding day. 28 years ago today.

These are the two greatest people I know. 
I'm so grateful that they decided to get married 28 years ago so that they could be my parents! :)
Seriously though, they are amazing.
I don't think a child can really know or understand how much their parents love them until they have children of their own. I definitely had no idea. It's an indescribable kind of love. 
I'm realizing more & more (since having the twins) how much my parents have done for me (and still do for my little family) & sacrificed for me throughout my life. From the sleepless nights & diaper changes to the rebellious teenage years. I'm grateful for it all. I'm grateful for the things they taught me. I'm grateful there were always consequences to my actions, even though they weren't appreciated at the time...I'm understanding now more & more why they did the things they did. And it was always because they loved me and wanted what was best for me. I'm grateful for their unconditional love. Never once in my life have I ever doubted that they loved me. I'm grateful for their example throughout my life. They've always taught me how important it was to be Christlike but even more than that, they've showed me in the way they live their lives.
I love my mom & dad more than words can say and feel so blessed that they are mine. 
Happy 28th anniversary mom & dad! :)

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