Wednesday, December 7

Spray Tanning Party

A couple days before Thanksgiving, Caitlin had a spray tanning party for her birthday. I had never had a spray tan before & I was so excited to get one! 
The rules for the party were.....
1. No makeup
2. No deodorant or lotion
3. Wear sweats
There was a tent set up in Caitlin's bathroom where we got sprayed and it took about 15-20 minutes per person. During everyone else's turns the rest of us had fun chatting and eating snacks :) 

It was so fun to get out of the house & have a girls' night and talk with other 'adult girls' ;)
I did miss my babies though! 
I was a little worried about looking orange, but I didn't! Just tan :) 

The only make-up I wore for the next few days was mascara, which is weird for me because usually my face looks so gross without make-up. My skin looked perfect and I loved it!

I left the girls with Jeff and when I got home after 9:00 they were still up. I was glad I was home to say goodnight & put them to bed, but being up so late made for very cranky babies the next day. :(

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Jaime Stephens said...

How fun! You guys look so tan I need that, I glow in the dark I am so white.. Cute Halloween costumes! I am jealous the girls keep on there headbands! Bald Brylee will not EVER!