Monday, December 5

Halloween & Visitors

My mom bought the girls the CUTEST Halloween costumes & I was so excited to dress them up!
Scott & Jill flew out to visit over Halloween weekend, which made the celebrations even more fun!
They got in on Saturday afternoon and came to our ward Halloween party with us that evening.

Aren't they the cutest ladybug & kitten you've ever seen?!
There were so many people at our ward party. Like so many I had never even seen before. It was weird. There weren't even enough places for people to sit & eat. Tons of people were sitting on the floor.
We had chili & cornbread for dinner. Except there wasn't enough chili either so we all just had a taste & got pizza after the party. 
We took the girls trick-or-treating to the classrooms around the church, which they loved, of course.
On our way out they had a photo booth set up, so we had a family picture taken. 
Don't let their faces fool you...they were so excited to be dressed up & go trick-or-treating. ;)

On Sunday evening we headed up to Salt Lake to have dinner at Grandpa & Grandma Sonnenberg's house.
Claire & Terry came over after dinner to see Scott & Jill and it was actually the first time they had seen the twins. It was fun to visit with everyone.
Jill brought the cutest Halloween shirts with her for the girls to wear on Monday.
Remember when the babies used to sit still while I took a picture of them? Yeah.....they don't do that anymore. It takes at least 20 tries to get one good picture.

Jeff was able to get off work a little early on Monday and we all went to Tucanos for dinner. 
These two little ladies sure enjoyed themselves. 
I realized while we were at Tucanos that Morley's 2nd tooth had cut through!

We had told Maggie she could go trick-or-treating with the girls, so later in the evening we went out to Lehi to trick-or-treat.
The girls didn't last too long. We probably visited 5ish houses before they were tired of it. 
We went back to my parents' house and they had fun helping Maggie sort through her candy. 

 Scott & Jill had to fly home Tuesday afternoon. 
The girls & I drove them up to Salt Lake & we all had lunch with Grandpa & Grandma Sonnenberg before they had to head to the airport.

 We love when Grandpa Scott & Grandma Jill get to come visit. We wish they weren't so far away so we could see them more. It was a fun weekend that went by way too fast.

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