Saturday, December 17

Morley's Binks

Neither of the girls have ever been huge binki suckers. They were more when they were tiny but it's always been mostly when they are going to sleep.
The gumdrop binks have always been their favorite. We have tried lots of different kinds but have always come back to these. 

They always liked to play with the other kinds though so I put them in with their toys.
A couple days ago Morley found one in the toys & put it in her mouth. She has been sucking on it ever since. 

Even in the bath.
Then she found some other binks & decided it didn't have to be just that one. So I find her sucking on different binks all day long. 
The little goof cracks me up. :)

P.S. She stands all on her own now!

1 comment:

Jaime Stephens said...

That's so funny! Yahoo on standing big trouble is headed your way I bet you have two early walkers!