Friday, September 21

State Fair

We went to the State Fair up in Salt Lake with Mike last week. It was a blast! I'm so glad we decided to go.  I love seeing the girls so happy and excited! 
I was going to say their favorite part was seeing all the animals, but they really loved going on the rides too. I think they just loved the whole night. 
We were all hungry when we first got there so we found some food before we did anything else. 
These girls love their corn on the cob.

We walked around looking at all the animals next. 
This white goat at the top of this picture was chewing on that lady's bag. It was kinda funny.

Morley wasn't scared at all of any of the animals, sticking her hands in all of the cages to pet them, while Wrigley was a little more nervous. Especially when we got to the sheep, who were making a lot of noise. There wasn't a chance she was going anywhere near those things. 

We took the girls on some rides after that. And Mike paid for them to go on a pony ride. I thought they would love that because they love the horse down the street so so much. Morley thought it was pretty great but Wrigley wanted to get off as soon as I put her on. I had to hold her on the pony the whole time. Morley sat on there all by herself (with Jeff walking next to her) the whole time and smiled and waved at everyone :) 

We didn't get many good pictures of the girls on any of the rides but they had so much fun. It's really the first time they have been on "rides" that they are old enough to enjoy and it was so fun to see how much they did enjoy it. It was hard to get them off some of the rides.

Jeff & I also took them down the big slide and as soon as we got to the bottom they wanted to go again. So we went down a few times.

 They also got to jump in the little kids jump house. Didn't think we were ever going to be able to get them out of that!
What a fun night!

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