Wednesday, September 19

Lake Powell

Oh Lake Powell.
My aunt & uncle have a timeshare on a houseboat at Lake Powell. They get 2 or 3 weeks a year & have invited my family to go quite a few times. For one reason or another, I have never been able to go the week they have had it. 
After years of hearing how incredibly fun Lake Powell is, we were finally able to go for a few days at the beginning of September. And I must say, it didn't live up to my expectations. Yes, it was still fun but also hard with two 1 year olds. There's not much for them to do on a houseboat/boat for 3 days. We had to keep them in our sight at all times so they didn't end up at the bottom of the lake. It was more work than it was a vacation. And the girls did not sleep well at all the entire time!! I felt awful for everyone else who had to listen to them cry all hours of the night. By the time we left to go home, we were all completely exhausted. 
But here is some proof that we really did have a lot of fun.

My favorite part of the trip was first thing in the morning. Everything was quiet and peaceful and there were ducks swimming all around the houseboats. That was probably the girls' favorite part too....feeding the ducks every morning. 

I just don't know if the girls could have gotten any dirtier while we were there. 
Just layers of dirty.

One day my dad was scraping off the grill to make hamburgers for dinner & didn't realize Morley was standing right next to him. She was covered. Ha. It was funny.

We discovered Wrigley's love for playing cards. This kept her entertained for quite a while. And surprisingly, she was very gentle & didn't bend any of them.

We thought the girls would enjoy going for a swim out behind the houseboat but they didn't. They can't hold themselves up in their life jackets yet so we had to hold them. They don't enjoy being held in one spot for more than like 3 seconds, so that didn't last long. 

Have I mentioned that Morley climbs. Everything. 

(And yes, they spent most of their time in just diapers. It was SO hot.)

I really enjoyed our boat ride through the canyons. Gorgeous. 
The girls slept almost the whole time. That was really the only time they slept...on boat rides. 

My siblings & cousins tube a little different than most people...
They start with 5 people on the 2 tubes and then jump back & forth between them & try to knock each other off until there is one winner. 
The two wave runners follow behind the boat & pick up the people who have fallen off. 
I didn't get a chance to be on a tube but I was on one of the wave runners picking people up. I was totally okay with that. I love wave runners. 

I love that my mom wakeboards. She's awesome!

This was probably 30 seconds into our drive home. 
See? Exhausted. 

Maybe next year the girls will enjoy it more. 
(If we're invited again.)

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