Monday, September 24

18 months

I have the two cutest 18 month olds on the earth.
They are so much fun right now. I love this age. And I love hanging out with them all day everyday. It's the best.

Fun facts about the twins at 18 months:

~They say so so so many words. Too many to put all of them on here but here are some of my favorites.
*Binky-Wrigley says "binky". Morley says "binka binka binka binka".
*Horsey-Wrigley says "heesee".  Morley says, "Neigh!" 
*Shoes-They both say "oosh".
*Stuck-They both say "guck!". 
*Gabbie-Wrigley calls her "Babbie". Morley calls her "Abby".
*Noah-They both call him "Nona".
*Water-Wrigley says "bwa bwa". Morley says "otter".
*Pumpkin-They both say "punky".
*Morley-Wrigley says "Mo Mo". Morley says "Mo-wee".
*Wrigley-Wrigley says "Yiyi". Morley says "Iggy". 
*Snack-They both say "nack". 

They say new words every day and it is so funny! I can pretty much have little conversations with them now & they know what I'm saying & I know what they're saying (mostly).

~Morley loves hair. She plays with my hair all the time and she is actually very gentle. On their first day of nursery I sat in there with them for a little bit & Morley walked around the room touching all the kids' hair. Most of them didn't like it and looked at her like she was crazy but she just kept doing it.

~They go to nursery now & are doing so well. Morley doesn't care at all that we leave but Wrigley will usually cry when Jeff or I leave. The nursery leaders say she doesn't cry long at all and then is fine the rest of the time.

~They love love love to color! Whenever they are coloring they point the crayon at me and say their name, meaning they want me to help them write their name. And then they repeat the letters after me. Sometimes I catch Wrigley trying to say the letters on her own while she's drawing but it's usually just, "i.....i....i....i". 

~Wrigley is obsessed with babies. We go to a little music class once a week and one of the kids has a little baby brother who Wrigley just can't get enough of. She would rather play with him than participate in the class.

~Morley still loves to sing. If I turn music on or if I start singing a song, she will sing right along. (Not the actual words.)

~Both girls are super clingy to my lately. I don't always love this. Especially when they both want me to hold them everywhere we are and won't even go to Jeff. They're getting too big for me to carry both of them around for long.

~Morley climbs out of her crib now. First she would just climb from her crib into Wrigley's but now she climbs out and comes to find me.

~They are both getting really fast and pretty much run everywhere they go.

~They both still love books and we spend a lot of time reading every day. I took them to the library for the first time a couple weeks ago and let them pick out 10 books for us to check out. They basically thought it was the best thing that's ever happened.

~Their favorite foods right now are probably avocados, cucumber slices and cheese. They also really like cherry tomatoes and pizza. Oh, and pretzels.

~Morley has the biggest sweet tooth. She loves treats! Wrigley does occasionally but not like Morley.

~They both love the "Wheels on the Bus" song and can do all the actions.

~They are both great sleepers still. They have been sleeping until after 8:00 every morning for the past couple months and it is so nice! :)

~Morley has an obsession with shoes. She is basically a pro at putting her shoes on by herself and has different ones on all the time. There are shoes all over our house all the time, no matter how many times a day I put them away.

~Wrigley is such an obedient little girl. She listens so well most of the time and is such a big helper. Morley.....oh Morley.....she does not listen and is not obedient. She will look me in the eyes and do whatever I just told her not to do. I don't know what to do with her sometimes.

~Both girls have 12 teeth and 2 more coming through right now. It has been the worst few weeks. None of their other teeth have been this bad. I am just praying they cut through soon.

~They still don't really like to watch TV. We had an obsession with Lion King for a while but not so much anymore. They still would never really sit down and watch it for more than maybe 5 minutes.

~They are both so attached to their binks. I don't think we'll ever be able to get rid of them. I need them as much as they do ;)

~Morley is absolutely terrified of the vacuum. All I have to do is say that I'm going to vacuum and she completely freaks out.

~Wrigley thinks everything is pink or blue. So funny. I try to teach them colors but pink and blue are the only ones she has picked up. She can repeat the other ones after I say them but never says them on her own. Except pink and blue :)

~The girls both love to find the moon whenever we are outside. Day or night. They say, "Moon! Sky!" 
They also love to look for airplanes. They yell, "Pane!" whenever they hear one and look up until they see it. Or if we're inside when they hear it, they run to the window.

~Morley is a little confused about her identity. She chases Wrigley around saying, "Mo-wee, Mo-wee!" I don't blame her. It would be totally weird having someone else around who looks exactly like you! ;)

~They are both little sweethearts most of the time and get very worried if someone is hurt or crying. Today I told them my tummy was hurting and Wrigley came up and kissed my stomach. 

We sure love these two and can't imagine our life without them. It's so sad that they are growing up so fast but we are trying to enjoy every second of it. And we're sure having a blast watching them learn new things every day. 

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