Thursday, September 20

Family Pictures 2012

We had our family pictures taken yesterday at Thanksgiving Point. We had them done by Fotofly & I am very happy with how they turned out.
I am saving my favorites to use for our Christmas card this year so here are my second favorites ;)

(Wrigley is in the denim skirt & Morley has the fur vest on.)

I really liked our photographer. She was so great with the girls. She took a few minutes before we started to talk to them & play with them to make them feel comfortable with her and it really helped. The girls did so much better than I expected. They have been so clingy to me lately so I was afraid it might be a disaster. But they did so well & I think we got some really great shots. 

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Lacey Johnson said...

I absolutely loved your family pictures. The colors you chose were perfect along side the vibrant colors in the background. You guys are such a cute family!