Monday, September 17

Mommy/Wrigley Date

Jeff & I decided that once a month we want to take the girls out on one-on-one dates. So last week he took Morley & I took Wrigley out. 
We just went to Target and then to Yogurtland but it was so much fun! 
I loved being able to give Wrigley 100% of my attention & she loved having it all. 
She was confused though and kept saying, "Mo Mo....Go?" (Where did Morley go?) 
She was so funny at Target. She was waving & saying, "Hi!" to everyone we passed. 
And here are some pictures from Yogurtland. 

It is amazing how much easier (& even enjoyable) it is to take only one child out. 
Jeff didn't take any pictures of his date with Morley but they went to the T-Mobile store & to get the car washed. Morley loved spraying the cars going through the car wash & she got a sucker!

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Chelle! said...

You are such an adorable mom. So cute! I love your idea to have one-on-one dates. Your little girls are so lucky to have you.