Tuesday, September 4

Fresno Trip

A few weeks ago the girls & I went to Fresno with my family for a week. 
The girls did so well in the car. My parents picked us up around 6:00 Sunday evening & the girls fell asleep about 2 hours into the drive. It was perfect. 

We were stopped in traffic for 2 hours between St. George & Mesquite so we took them out of their carseats because they were getting uncomfortable. But other than that they slept the whole time. 

On Monday after the girls & I took a 3 hour nap, we all went over to Rodney & Amy's to meet baby Sydney. The girls loved her. Especially Wrigley. She was a little obsessed. 

We spent the whole week spending time with family & playing, playing, playing. 
It was over 100 degrees every day that we were there so we spent lots of time in the water. 
We swam at Bob & Darlene's a few times. 

And the girls played in the pool with Jacob & Alyson at Rodney & Amy's house. 

 They had popsicles.

 And then played some more. 
Morley loved the slide. Wrigley went down a few times but wasn't a huge fan. 

My dad wanted to take the girls to the zoo one day so we went as soon as they opened so it wouldn't be so hot. 
To say the girls loved it would be a big understatement. They were so fascinated by all the animals and it was so fun to see how much they enjoyed it. 

My mom tried to walk away from the elephants & Wrigley grabbed onto the railing and held on as tight as she could! :)

I think the giraffes were Morley's favorite. 

We went into the petting zoo & Morley was excited to pet the animals until the first goat sneezed. That scared her a little. But after a minute she was her fearless little self again. Wrigley was more timid but she eventually did pet a few goats too.

We saw lots of other animals & the girls loved every minute of it. 

We found this little tractor & let the girls sit in it. They thought it was so fun! And then I put a quarter in & it started moving! They started giggling like crazy! It was so cute. 

We walked through the reptile house & then let the girls play in the turtle shell. 

It was such a fun day at the zoo and I'm so happy the girls had a good time!

The girls & I stayed at my grandparents' house while the rest of my family stayed with Bob & Darlene.
We spent lots of time playing in my grandparents' backyard.

The girls also enjoyed watching the birds in the backyard. They even got to help my grandpa put birdseed in the bird feeders one day. 

Here's proof that these two don't ever hold still for more than 2 seconds. 
Aly was wearing the same pajamas as the girls one night so we were trying to get a picture of them together. 

The girls ate so so well while we were there. It must have been because of how hard they played every day. 
One day they ate 3 bowls of chili each for dinner. 

 Here are a just few more cute pictures from our fun trip.

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