Thursday, September 13

Fun with Grandpa Scott & Grandma Jill

Jeff's parents came to visit at the end of August. They got to stay almost a week this time & as always, we had so much fun with them.
We went to the park one day while it was overcast and not so hot. And Grandpa & Grandma got to see our fearless little girls in action. 

We found a pile of ants on the sidewalk & couldn't pull the girls away. They were so fascinated & just wanted to touch them so badly. 

We played in the pool.

And the girls convinced Grandpa & Grandma to walk them down to see the horse multiple times a day. 

We tried out the Scera Pool for the first time & the girls had a blast on their little slide.
(Wrigley yelled, "NO!" at any other kids who tried to get in line for the slide. She knows she has to share with Morley but we're still working on sharing with everyone else.)

We went to Tucanos for dinner one night & let the girls play in the fountains outside after dinner. 

It was so hilarious watching them play in these. I want to take them back before we run out of warm days. 

Firehouse for dinner one night. The girls love practicing walking up & down "steps". Or anything like a step. 

We took the boat out Friday & Saturday but apparently I didn't take any pictures. If I did, I don't know where they went. 

We met up with Great Grandpa & Grandma Sonnenberg at City Creek for lunch the day Scott & Jill were flying home. 
The girls loved the play area just as much as ever. 

 Especially the slide.

And one more cute picture of snuggles with Grandpa.

Thanks for all the fun Grandpa Scott & Grandma Jill.
We can't wait until next time!

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