Wednesday, December 5

Festival of Trees 2012

Festival of Trees was last weekend. 
I knew the girls would love it this year! 
We saw so many awesome trees but this one was probably my favorite. 

Look at this cuteness. 

A little girl's dream. 

Morley was straining to try and see the dancers on the stage the whole time so my dad put her on his shoulder so she could watch. 

I really want this. Bad. 
For the girls.

Wrigley kept getting us in trouble by sneaking under the chains to play with the toys. 

These 2 are the cutest. Ever. 

After we looked at the trees we got a treat and sat down to watch the dancers. 
Morley was having fun playing with Grandpa :)

Festival of Trees never disappoints. 
We had a great time, as always!

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