Friday, December 28

Christmas Day 2012

Melinda made a funny comment on Christmas morning that the girls are going to think every time they wake up now, they are going to get to open a bunch of presents! 

My poor little Wrigley woke up Christmas morning with a little fever. She just wanted to be held and cuddled. I gave her some ibuprofen and by the time we started opening presents she seemed to be feeling much better. 
Jonathan was coming over to open presents with us so we decided to have breakfast first since we were waiting for him. Mckay and Danielle made a delicious breakfast for everyone! 

Out of all the presents, the girls noticed these little ducks first and were so happy!

We opened stockings first. 

Wrigley's facial expressions always crack me up :)

They got a couple Disney movies in their stockings and even though they didn't really know what they were, they were so excited! 

After we finished stockings we started opening gifts. 
The girls are very slow at opening presents. They open one and want to play with it and forget all about the rest of them. So funny. 

I think this might have been their favorite gift. They kept coming back to it in between opening other presents. 

My mom put together these cute "church bags" for the girls!

"Chapabip" (chapstick) is the girls favorite thing on earth right now. Melinda put some on top of each of their gifts and they were so happy! They had to try out each kind!

After we finished opening presents the girls had so much fun playing with all their new toys! 

They got to be Maggie's first customers trying out her new foot bath. 

We got to talk to Marshall on the phone later which was fun! Morley was asleep when he called but Wrigley, who was refusing to nap, got to talk to him. 

Later on, after we had dinner with my family, we drove up to Sandy to see Jeff's grandma who was in town visiting another grandson and his family. 
The girls wanted nothing to do with her at first but after a little while they were happy to play with her!

We had a very good day!


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