Tuesday, December 4

It's looking like Christmas over here!

It was so much fun letting the girls help me get out all the Christmas decorations this year. 
They got so excited about every single thing we pulled out of the box that it just added to the excitement of the season. I loved it!

Morley claimed this little Santa figure as her baby :)


And they were such big helpers when it came to picking out our tree :) They wanted all of them.

 (The funniest thing was the look on their faces when we brought the tree inside the house!)

We got our tree at  Home Depot and while we were waiting for it to be attached to the top of our car, the girls and I went inside the store and found these adorable little rocking horses.

 It was a fight to leave that place without the horses.

I bet you can imagine how excited the (naked!?) girls were to help decorate the tree!

(Only a few ornaments were broken!)

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