Wednesday, December 26

Christmas Eve 2012

Jeff and I decided that this year we were going to kind of have 2 Christmases. We didn't want to haul all the gifts from Jeff's family to my parents' house so we decided to open everything from them on Christmas Eve. 
While the girls were napping I brought all the gifts upstairs and set them up under/around the tree. 

After I set them all up I had to run a quick last minute errand. This was what the weather looked like. 
I love when it snows on Christmas!

When I got back, the girls were awake. I told Jeff if they woke up while I was gone to keep them in their room until I got home :) They were so excited when they came out and saw all the presents!
I tried to get a picture of them with the presents but they were too excited to hold still!

So we just let them tear into the presents.

I bet you can't guess what this one is ;)

The aftermath. 
We were all spoiled. 

These dolls were the first thing they opened and they forgot about the rest of the gifts. All they wanted was to take them out of the boxes and play with them. We had to hide them to get them to open the rest of their presents. 

We were spending the night at my parents' house so we headed over there. 
The girls always love "helping" Grandma with the dishes. 

Before the girls went to bed we did our annual Christmas socks picture. We didn't end up finding small enough socks for the girls this year so they just wore big ones for the pictures :)

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