Friday, March 9

Sleepy Miss Morley

It blows my mind that I am going to have two 1 year olds next week.  Why does the time go so fast?  I don't like it. 
But I am excited for their party! :)  I have so many fun ideas.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. The girls have been upgraded to  Big Girl  carseats!
They LOVE sitting up and facing forward. They love looking out the windows and being able to see Jeff & I. And I love that I can turn around and see them. 
They are happy to go for car rides now, which is great. We'll see how long it lasts :) The newness & excitement will wear off, I'm sure. 

 See how she's pointing to herself? I asked her, "Where's Morley?" And she points to herself! Love her!
(Sometimes she points to herself if I ask where Wrigley is too, so I don't know if she really knows who she is all the way yet.)

 And I sure love my goofy Miss Wrigs!

So, yesterday we were driving home from Walmart and Morley was extremely tired. 
We're transitioning down to one nap a day and some days it goes really well & they will sleep for 2 1/2 hours & be happy until bedtime. Some days (yesterday) it doesn't go so well. They only slept for an hour. But by the time they were tired again & wanted another nap, it was too late to let them take one or they would be up until 10! 
If they stay up late, they still wake up at 7:30 so they are cranky all day the next day because they are tired.
One good nap just works out better for all of us!

Anyway....I keep getting sidetracked.
Morley was falling asleep in the car. I didn't want her to.
Here's the video.
(Sorry about Jeff toward the end.)


Amy Nielson said...

Yay for big girl car seats!! That video is so funny!! I'm just wondering if you are video taping and Jeff is picking her nose, who is driving?!?! ;)

Jaime said...

ha so cute. I always wonder about my twins getting there names mixed up, that has to be confusing the 1st few years of life especially. We need to talk naps.. I have one baby needing 2 and one baby needing 1 it's driving me crazy! So big and so cute in there car seats! I need to do that but I need my 3 year olds car seat ughh..