Saturday, November 6

Twins Update

Here is a picture at 18 weeks 3 days.

We had a Doctor's appointment on Wednesday and both heartbeats still sound good.
The Doctor measured my stomach & said I'm measuring at what someone having one baby should be at 22 weeks. That made me feel enormous! Especially since at our 16 week appointment he told me I was measuring small. About what someone at 16 weeks with one baby should be.
At 16 weeks, I had only gained 3 pounds total.
Now I have gained 8 total! 5 pounds in 2 weeks....YIKES!!

We have our first appointment with the Perinatologist next Thursday, where hopefully we will find out the sex of the babies!! I can't wait! I've been counting down the days :)


Caitlin said...

Cute belly :) You look awesome!

Megan Barton said...

so cute! The biggest the better! You don't want to be small or that could mean unhealthy babies.

Amy Nielson said...

You are still tiny Megan!! How come we never get to see your head in your "belly" pictures??? We want to see that beautiful face of yours too. :)

Handi Andi said...

This is Caitlin's friend Andi. I think you look amazing. Let me tell you, 5 lbs is nothing. I thought my twin belly looked pretty good until 25 weeks and then I was a gonner. It got big fast after that, but I don't know if mine was ever that tiny so you will probably look really fabulous for the whole thing. Enjoy the specialness of it and show it off. Not everybody gets to do what you are doing and feel what you are feeling. Having two in there is a strange and very cool feeling, especially when you can start to tell which one is which and which one kicks at what time of day and where. Sorry to blog stalk you, but I am so excited for you and Caitlin gives me updates sometimes too. You can do it, you will look back and miss it!

Kristin Louise Bassett said...

Wow, I hope I look like you when I'm pregnant! So cute :)