Friday, November 19

Brian & Cassie's Wedding

Brian & Cassie got married on Tuesday in the Salt Lake Temple.
The sealing was perfect!
As soon as we sat down in the sealing room I told Jeff I felt like crying. (I cry about everything these days.)
I loved being in there and remembering the covenants Jeff & I made on our wedding day.
The weather outside the Temple wasn't so perfect. It was cold & windy while we were taking pictures.

It started raining as soon as we got in our car to leave the Temple.
I felt so bad because Brian & Cass were still out there taking pictures.

The luncheon was at Tucanos, & then the reception was later on that night.

Look how cute this cake is!!

I kind of want to do the babies' room these colors....but I change my mind real often, so who knows.

I forgot to even take my camera out to take pictures at the reception until they were cutting the cake, so this is the only thing I have pictures of.
At least I got a good one of her smashing it in his face :)

It was such a perfect day & I'm so glad I got to be a part of it!
I'm so excited for Brian & Cassie & this new journey they are starting together!


The Rowburys said...

She looks so beautiful! I'm seriously so happy for her!

Callie said...

That's funny that you cry about everything now. Have you got to the point where even car commercials make you get teary eyed? Oh, the joys of being pregnant!

Mikelle said...

Love the colors!!! I used the same colors for kambrys room:)