Saturday, November 13

Bridal Shower for Cass

My good friend, Cassie is getting married on Tuesday!!
Last week Aubrey & I threw her a little bridal shower.

We played a few games & had some dessert but mostly just had fun hanging out with friends. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time :)

We asked her a bunch of questions about Brian (her fiance) & every time she got one wrong, she had to put a piece of bubble gum in her mouth.
She didn't do so hot :)

Present time!

Last night Brian was having a Bachelor Party so a few of us got together for a girls night. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner then went back to Aubrey's house & she did pink glitter toes for us for the wedding.

We told them Cass is getting married and she got to sit on the saddle :) They also gave us a free dessert!

My glitter toes :)
I'm so excited for the wedding on Tuesday & so happy for Brian & Cass!

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