Monday, November 22

20 Weeks

Picture at 20 weeks.

I was so excited in the last post to announce that we are having girls that I forgot to post about any of the other things we learned at our Perinatologist appointment.
She told us that the babies are most likely identical. She said there's no way to know 100% until the babies are out & they can test the placenta. If there is only one placenta, they are for sure identical. But sometimes two placentas will fuse together so on an ultrasound it looks like just one. In the very first ultrasound we had they could only see one placenta & she said they usually won't fuse together that early on, so most likely there is only one.
She also told us that 90% of twins come before the 36th week. So she said to take a month off of my due date & plan on the babies being here around then. Also, with twins, they won't let you go past 38 that means, AT MOST, we have a little over 17 weeks left! They are going to be here before we know it!
I have been feeling them move around quite a bit more the last few days & I absolutely love it! It is the most amazing feeling in the world!
We have another ultrasound on Wednesday. I am so excited! I love that we get to have them so often. It's so fun to see our little girls & watch them wiggle around. I just lay there in awe, that those little people are growing inside of me! What an awesome experience!!


Sheri said...

Oh my gosh! Every time I read your blog, I get choked up! I am so happy for you guys!! I can't wait to see if they're identical or not!! Let me know when you have a shower so I can get you something! :)

Amy Nielson said...

Yay we got a full body shot and get to see your beautiful face with your belly!! :) SO exciting to hear about the progress of my 2 baby girl nieces!!!

Megan Barton said...