Thursday, July 29

Chicago 2010....(continued)

Around 12:30 or 1:00 on Sunday night we went to
Walmart to get stuff to make sugar cookies.
Jeff was driving & on our way there we got pulled over :)
Apparently Jeff didn't completely stop at a stop sign & didn't signal when he turned.
The cop asked him how much he'd had to drink & was shining his flashlight on the rest of us in the
car. Jeff told him we hadn't been drinking and then he asked a bunch more questions like where we
were going and why we live in Utah. Then he said, "You are the quietest car I've ever pulled over."
He was a nice guy and let us off with a warning, but it was pretty funny.

Monday everyone came out to the lake again.
Bruce did some kneeboarding.

We did some more swimming at the dam.

Grandpa Sonnenberg even swam with us!

Blake loved to pretend he was driving the boat.

Jeff & I tandem wakeboarded.

Jeff & Melinda tandem wakeboarded.
Doesn't this picture make you laugh?? She's so little! :)

Melinda & I tried tandem wakeboarding. I don't know what the problem was but
we just couldn't get it.

So I wakeboarded on my own.

Then we taught Melinda how to wakeboard. She has never even tried before & she popped
right up on the first try!

We went to Johnny K's for lunch & Melinda tried her first Chicago Hot Dog.

After lunch we tried to convince some of the kids to try wakeboarding. None of them
would. So we tried to get them to go with Jeff or Mike and still nothing.
Then I told Chelsea I would do glitter toes for her if she went. That got her :)

Cute little Blake & me watching from the boat.

Lauren wanted glitter toes too so she tried with Mike. They tried twice & couldn't
get up & she was done.

Glitter toes!

We ended up doing their fingers also & Chelsea was so cute & walked around like this
for probably an hour because she didn't want them to get messed up.
They were our little shadows the rest of the day :)

Later that night Lauren & Chelsea helped Melinda & I make star shaped sugar cookies!
I wish we had pictures of it because they had so much fun smashing the dough &
cutting out stars.

To be continued.....

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Amy Nielson said...

Good job LaLa for getting up on the first try. :) Truly talented!!