Friday, July 23

Chicago 2010....(continued)

Saturday morning we woke up, got ready & drove
out to Lake Holiday to celebrate the 4th with everyone.
Jeff had gotten up earlier & gone to an animal show with his dad so Melinda & I rode out with Jill, Grandma Runner & Mike.
Saturdays at the lake are pretty crazy. There are boats everywhere so it's hard to do much when it comes to wake boarding & skiing. We did take a lot of trips to the dam to swim though. I think that is all of the kids' favorite thing to do.
They love to jump off the back of the boat!

Lauren kept asking Gregor to throw her in.

For lunch everyone barbecued and we had tons of food!
When Scott & Lisa showed up, I had to hold that cute little baby Chelsea.
Pretty much everyone had to comment on me holding the baby.
Especially Ryan & Gregor.
Gregor even informed me that the next family member to get pregnant will give birth
to Grandpa & Grandma Sonnenberg's 50th great grandchild.
Then he told me that it's going to be him & Joy. We'll see... ;)

Later we took another trip to swim at the dam.
Tiffany swimming with Brooke & Chelsea.
Pretty girls!
Aly, Natalie & Ella.
Mike convinced Lauren & Natalie to let him drop them in head first.
They were hesitant at first, but after they tried it they begged to do it again & again.

Grandpa & Grandma Sonnenberg taking a little snooze :)
Later on in the evening everyone was just kind of hanging out. There wasn't much going on so Jill asked Melinda & I if we wanted to go check out some outlet stores nearby.
We wanted to! :)
So we did some more shopping with Jill & Grandma Runner.
When it started getting dark we had to hurry back to go out on the boat to watch the firework show.
Every year the lodge does a firework show & then after it's done the people straight across the lake from us put on an even better show!
This year the lodge did their show on Saturday night but the people across the lake waited & did theirs on Sunday night.

Saturday night we drove back to Wheaton & stayed with Jeff's parents again so we could go to church with them on Sunday.
Sunday night Mike, Jeff, Melinda & I packed up all our stuff & drove back out to the lake.
Ryan & Gregor came out on the boat to watch the fireworks with us.
Let me tell you why this firework show is so great.
We drive out into the middle of the lake & you can lay flat on your back on the boat & the fireworks are right above you.
The sparks from the really big ones fall down into the water all around you.
And occasionally even drop into the boat. Scary! But also a little bit funny watching Mike & Jeff jump up so fast to try and catch them & keep them from burning the boat :) Sounds fun right?! Ha!
But really, it is so AWESOME!

To be continued....


Anonymous said...

Have you ever gone to the Field Museum? That is one of my life goals! If you do, I NEED to see pictures....and I would be a bit jealous.

~E Tree

Brittany and Johnse said...

it looks like a BLAST megan! Such cute and fun pics....especially you and the BABY...i vote you will be the one to have the 50th GGC!!!