Monday, July 26

Pioneer Day

I have to take a little break from posting about Chicago to post about our super fun Pioneer Day!
Megan Barton invited us up to Cottonwood Heights for their annual Pioneer Day celebration on Saturday.
First there was a parade. Probably the funnest parade I've ever been to because every single person/float in the parade threw out candy! :)
(And it was the only parade we've been to this year & I Love Love Love parades.)
We got loads & loads of candy! So fun!

After the parade Mckay, Megan, Jeff & I went to Chili's for dinner.
Then the rest of my family came up & we went to the carnival. It was fun walking around & seeing all the booths & things.
But the best part was that we entered the egg toss contest!
We partnered up....
Marsh & Matthew
Mckay & Megan B.
Jeff & I
Melinda manned the camera.
Here we are lined up, waiting to get started.

We started on the grass & after a few throws Mckay & Megan B. were out.
Then they moved us onto the pavement because too many people were dropping eggs & they weren't breaking on the grass.

A few tosses later Marsh & Matthew were out.
Jeff & I made it all the way to the end and
Our prize was a $20 Target Gift Card!
Oh my gosh it was a blast!
There was a cool firework show when it got dark & my dad bought a 48-pack of glow sticks that we all played with & that was the end.
Fun day!!


Heather Strong said...

Oh my gosh! We were at that same parade! Jake's parents live right on that street and so we sit in their yard every year. That would have been so funny it we would have seen you guys or even knew you were there. Maybe next year!

Amy Nielson said...

Looks super fun!!! Jacob would love the parade - especially the Lightning McQueen & Mater part. I really should take him to a parade someday soon. :)

Meg said...

Mckay leaned over to me when the Cars went past and said "Jacob would love those! Take a picture for him!"