Wednesday, July 21

Chicago 2010

Mike, Jeff, Melinda & I flew to Chicago on Thursday, July 1st.
We flew stand-by which I was a little nervous about. When we called that morning they told us there were 8 seats available on the flight we wanted to get on, so we went. We were going to have an hour & a half lay-over in Phoenix and then getting on a different plane & flying to Chicago.
When we got to the gate to check-in the ladies told us that the plane we were getting on was stopping in Phoenix for 20 minutes & then going on to Chicago & would arrive an hour before the other one would have, so they switched us over to that one. But they told us our luggage had already been checked on the other flight, so it wouldn't get to the airport until an hour after our flight landed. We were ok with that.
Jeff fell asleep at the airport waiting for our plane. Check out his sweet water bottle pillow :)
When we landed at Midway we sat down to wait.
We waited almost an hour before we headed over to the baggage claim. We should have gone over there sooner because our luggage had somehow actually been on our flight and had been on the conveyor belt so long they had taken it off and set it aside.
Jeff's dad picked us up around midnight & then we went back to their house to say hi & then left again to get something to eat at Steak & Shake.
We stayed at Jeff's parents house that night because we were heading into the city on Friday for a Cubs game.
This was Melinda's first time in Chicago & it was so fun to show her around & see her excitement!
We were planning on taking 2 cars into the city because there were 7 of us going, but Mike came up with the brilliant idea to all go in one car.
Apparently, in Illinois, it's not a law to wear a seatbelt if you are in the backseat. So 4 of us squished in the back :)
We got to the city, parked & walked a ways to Wrigley Field.
We got hot dogs at the Seven Eleven right outside the field and took them in for lunch.
Our seats weren't all next to each other. They were split 5 and 2. Scott & Mike took the 2 lower seats and the rest of us (Jeff's grandma, Jeff's mom, Jeff, Melinda & I) sat in the upper deck in the shade. It was perfect because it was so hot that day. I felt bad for the people baking out in the sun. And I really liked our seats!

Melinda & I took tons of pictures of the scoreboard because we were trying to catch the people inside there :)
We did!
Wrigley field is "the only" or "one of the only" (I can't remember which one Jeff said) fields that still uses this old kind of scoreboard that's not digital.

Funny story:
The people behind us kept leaving and coming back with cups of beer & every time they would walk past I leaned forward because I was afraid they were going to spill it on me.
I said something to Melinda about it and no joke, 10 seconds later a foul ball comes flying our way and everyone jumps up to try to get it & the people behind us get bumped & their beer spills on us. Mostly on Melinda, but a little on me too.
Jeff thought it was so funny & said to her, "Now you've experienced a real Major League Baseball game!"

And here's the final score.
Sad game, but still so much fun!
Pretty cool view of the city from Wrigley.
After the game, Jeff paid two guys to ride us girls in their bike-buggy things down to Philly's Best where we were eating dinner.
Jill & Iris rode in one and Melinda & I rode in the other.

Philly's Best has the BEST Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches! (Not that I've really tried many others, but they are REALLY good!)
After we ate we walked back to the car & drove back to Scott & Jill's house.
Iris, Jill, Melinda & I decided we needed to go shopping so we all went to Kohl's!
After that we hung out for a while & then went to bed. I think we were all pretty exhausted.
It was a long and unbelievably fun day!

To be continued......


Amy Nielson said...

Day are gonna have a lot of posts about Chicago this way!!! ;)

I got beer spilled on me at a baseball game too. :) It was just a minor league game here in Fresno though, but it went all down my back and butt. It was awful!!

Heather Strong said...

As soon as I saw your post show up on my blog, I thought "Here goes me being SUPER jealous!" You are going to torture me with all your awesome adventures in Chicago! Especially because I don't get to go this year :(. Can't wait to read more!

Lindsy Hartsock said...

Fun! I know things are probably SUPER busy with spending time with family and seeing the sights, but if you have some down time let us know and we can get together! Have fun in Chicago! It really is such a fun city.