Monday, August 2

Chicago 2010....(continued)

We waited until Tuesday to try & teach Melinda how to ski because we knew there would finally
be less boats on the lake & we'd have better water.
Here is Jeff giving her some pointers.

She tried quite a few times & I could tell she was getting frustrated, but she just
kept trying & got closer & closer every time.
Once she finally got up, it was easier to get up again.

Then the rest of us did some skiing.

Jill bought a new ski this year that's for girls & I loved it!
It's shorter than the one we had been using & gives us more control of the ski.
I even started trying to cut this year.
This is what it is supposed to look like.

And this is what my little cuts looked like :)

Jeff took a video of me so I could see what I was doing.

I feel like I progressed a lot throughout the trip & was pretty proud of myself :)
I definitely felt more in control out there than I ever have before.
Tuesday was such a nice relaxing day. Scott & Jill were the only ones who came out
so it was fun to spend the day with just them.
Scott barbecued hamburgers & brats for us for dinner & while he was doing that we
went & tried out a new toy that Jeff & Mike bought this year.
The Manta Ray.

If you want to see what this tube does look it up on Youtube.
It flies.
We never got it up though because you had to be going dangerously fast speeds to
get it off the ground.
It was still pretty funny watching Jeff ride it.

Later that evening we went into Wheaton & spent some time at Jeff's parents house
and then went to Buffalo Wild Wings around midnight! Oh so yum!

On Wednesday we took the train into the city.
Here we are waiting for the train.

We walked around downtown a little bit & took some pictures.

Then took this cute little taxi down to the United Center.

Jeff's cousin Scott works for the Bulls & offered to give us a tour!
First he took us down on the floor.

Then down to the locker room.

This is Michael Jordan's old locker!

Then the players lounge.

Then we went up to Scott's office. (Where we found out that they had just signed Carlos Boozer!)

Scott was so nice & gave Melinda & I shirts, hats & pants!

He gave Mike & Jeff shirts & hats also & a deck of cards. (I forgot to take a picture of their stuff.)

After we left the United Center, we walked down to the Sears Tower (now Willis Tower).
It was SO SO hot & humid outside!

We went up to the top & it was so nice because there was hardly anyone there &
we didn't have to wait in any lines!
In case you were wondering, the Willis Tower is 313 Oprah's tall.

And 283 Obama's tall.

In the Sky Box.

I don't really know what I'm looking at, but it's cool to see the city below us.

After leaving the Sears Tower we went to Giordano's for dinner.

It's hard to tell in a picture how thick this thing is.

Then we went back to the Lake House & of course had to put on our new pants & take
some pictures :)

To be continued....


Amy Nielson said...

Wow, Jeff is SO red and sunburned!!! Yikes!!

Amy Nielson said...

So that is how you got into the Bulls locker room.

Amy Nielson said...

You guys eat a lot of stuff late at night. I guess you are young and can handle that on your bodies. :)

Amy Nielson said...

Crazy girls!!

Amy Nielson said...

Shall I go on????

Meg said...

I figured they were all from you when I saw "5 comments" :)

Brandon and Sara Moore said...

Brandon would be so jealous! He loves the Bulls and of course MJ! Thats pretty awesome! Looks like you had a fun trip :)

Denise and Brandon said...

Love all the pictures and the Chicago experience. You've captured it well.