Tuesday, August 24

Chicago 2010....(continued)

On Wednesday Scott, Jill, Mike, Jeff & I got up around 6 am to drive 3 hours to
Wisconsin Dells to go to Noah's Ark, the largest water park in America.
We spent the whole day going on tons & tons of slides.

The very first slide we went on was called Scorpion's Tail.
This is what it looked like.
This was a crazy slide! If you look close, up at the top there is like a glass capsule thing that you
climb inside & they close it around you. You stand with your feet together & arms crossed on
your chest & then the thing counts down...3, 2, 1...& then the floor drops out from under you!
It was pretty intense!
Scott, Mike & Jeff went on it again at the end of the day. Jill & I passed and had a caramel apple instead. :)

After the water park we went to Ponderosa for dinner. Less than 5 minutes after we got inside the
restaurant it started pouring outside! And the guy at the front counter told us the city was on
tornado watch. YIKES!
Such a fun day!
On Thursday we spent the day in Wheaton.
We did some shopping, went to lunch at Chili's & just relaxed. We drove back to the lake & stayed there that night.
On Friday we did some more playing with Dean & Deanna's camera.
Jeff has it strapped to his leg here.

Dean & Deanna skied at the same time with the camera on Dean's head.

We also got Jill up on the wakeboard which was cool because she had never done it

It was so cute, as soon as she'd get up & feel like she was going to fall
she'd scream & then fall. :)

Later that evening some of Mike & Jeff's friends came out to the lake.
We did some more double skiing :)
Jeremy & Jenny did it.

Then Scott & Haley.

On Saturday lots of the family came out & Mike bribed the little girls
with silly bands to go wakeboarding with Jeff & to try out the little kid ski.
Here's Natalie with Jeff.

And Lauren with Jeff.

Natalie on the little kid ski.

Lauren on the little ski.
Once they actually got out there & did it, they loved it & wanted to do it again & again.

Side story about the kid ski.
Earlier in the week we were out on the boat & there was a guy on a waverunner waving us down.
We stopped & he had a rope in his hand that was hooked to something stuck down in the mud.
When he tried to pull it up it kept tipping his waverunner so he asked us to do it.
We hooked the rope to the boat & started going & it pulled up this little kid ski.
It was covered in mud. Who knows how long it was down there or even how it got there. But we got a free little ski. :)

Later in the afternoon, Jeff & I had to go in & pack & get ready to go to the airport.
When we got to the airport they told us it wasn't looking good for us to get on the
flight. They had some people that had missed an earlier flight that had first priority.
We waited until everyone had boarded & there was one seat left.
Jeff's so great & told me to go & he would fly home the next day,
so that I could be at my cousin's homecoming the next day.

We had such a fun trip! Thanks to everyone who made it so great!
We can't wait until next year!


Amy Nielson said...

I can't believe Amber is home already. Time flies!!

Megan Barton said...

I love that you just barely finished your Chicago posts! Looks like a fun trip...wish you could have made the trip a little earlier in the summer though. :)

Joe and Natalie Johnson said...

What a fun vacation!! I love your swimsuit too...way cute.