Monday, August 9

Chicago 2010....(continued)

On Thursday morning we did some more skiing & a little wakeboarding in the
Melinda was flying home that night, so we let her do everything she wanted to do.
Then Jeff & Mike wanted her & I to try skiing at the same time.
We tried for probably an hour & never got up at the same time.
It was seriously so funny because she would get up & I wouldn't & then the next time I would
get up & she wouldn't. We never once both got up.
By the end, we were laughing so hard that it was pretty pointless to even try anymore.

We had to leave around 3:30 to take her to the airport.
We stopped & took a picture in the corn. I don't really know why, just because it
was everywhere :)

And then we stopped at The Yum Yum Shoppe on the way out because we hadn't made it there yet.

We dropped her off at Midway airport & I was so nervous for her! She had never flown
by herself before & she was flying standby & she hadn't charged her phone & it was
almost dead. I told her to turn it on real quick when she was boarding the plane
to let us know that she got on ok. Did she? No. We didn't hear from her until 11:00
that night when she landed in Salt Lake. I was so worried the whole time! But at least she made it safely.
Dean & Deanna arrived later that night. It's always so fun to see them!
They brought a new toy with them this year that we spent the next week and a half playing with.
It is a little waterproof HD camera/video camera that you can attach to your head or
your chest or the wakeboard/ski....pretty much anywhere you want it. Then it just
goes along with you as you are out there on the water & just kind of gives a different point of view.
We weren't sure how the videos were going to turn out, being jerked around so quickly
behind the boat, but they actually turned out awesome! The videos are super clear & really fun to watch.
I will post some when I get them from Mike.
Here Jeff has the camera strapped to the front of the board.

And here it's on Nathan's head.

The next few days were just a normal weekend at the lake. We spent time with all the
family. I built lots of sand castles with Lauren & Chelsea!

Monday & Tuesday we did more wakeboarding, skiing & tubing.
Tuesday night we went skiing with Jeff's friends on the Illinois river.
The only picture I took was of these little baby coyotes we saw along the side of the river.

To be continued.....

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Jeff and Kelly and kids said...

I am sure I have told you this before, but did you know that Devon, Carter, Lauren and Chelsea are my nieces and nephews. Tiffany is my sister! Crazy world!