Monday, May 24

Scariest day of my life

So I was at Coldstone decorating some cakes one day last week
& I looked down at my ring & the whole part that holds the diamond was gone!
It had broken off & I had no idea where it was.
I searched that whole store over & over. Nothing.
I was scared out of my mind that I had lost it :(
Then I remembered bumping my hand earlier that morning while taking
a cake out of the blast.
I opened up the blast door & there it was sitting on the bottom shelf.
That was a close one! No more wearing the ring to Coldstone!
Jeff took it in to get fixed & the guy was shocked.
He said this is only the second time anything like that has happened
in the 24 years he has been in this business.


Amy Nielson said...

SCAREY!! I'm glad you found it. I would have been freaking out too.

Jordyn said...

I didnt't know you worked at anyway, you need to come see my baby. She is getting so big. or i can come see you. whatever.