Thursday, May 13

Las Vegas & LA

My cousin, George got married in the Los Angeles Temple on Saturday, May 1st.
Jeff & I decided to go spend a few days in Vegas before
heading to LA for the wedding.
At first it was going to be a little anniversary trip for us but Marsh & Melinda
asked if they could come with us.
Since Marsh was leaving so soon, we thought it would be fun to take a little trip with them.
We left here Wednesday evening.
Thanks to the blizzard that started around Nephi & didn't stop until almost
St. George, it took us 7 hours to get there instead of 5.
We got to Vegas pretty late & checked in to the Sahara Hotel.
After taking our stuff up to our rooms, we walked down to Denny's to get something to eat.
By the time we got back to the hotel & ready for bed it was almost 3:00 in the morning :)
We were hoping to be able to lay by the pool for a few hours the next day
but the weather was not cooperating.
If it hadn't been so windy, it would have been pretty nice out.
The wind made it so cold.
Marshall & Melinda had never been to Las Vegas before, so they wanted to
check out M&M world & the Coca Cola factory.

We spent most of that day walking the strip.
We stopped & watched the Bellagio fountain show.

Did some shopping.
And dreaming....
We drove to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner that night.
I could eat there every day.
We were pretty exhausted & sore from walking so much all day
so we decided to go sit in the hot tub.
The hot tub at our hotel was broken so we drove to a few other hotels
to try to get into theirs.
Every single one of them were closed already.
Who closes their hot tub before 9 pm?
Our next idea was to have Marshall try the 6 pound burrito
challenge at the Nascar Cafe.
We got there, saw the wall of pictures of who had been able to do it & who hadn't...
(like 6 had & like 600 hadn't)
& Marsh backed out.
We ended up walking to Mcdonald's & getting shakes.
Around 11:00, my parents picked up Marsh & Melinda on their way to LA.

To be continued.....

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Heather Strong said...

That looks like so much fun!