Thursday, May 6

Mom's Birthday

My mom's birthday was a couple weeks ago.
I'm just getting around to blogging it now because we've been
out of town, & now our internet at home is not working.
My mom was at Disneyland with Melinda on her birthday, so we had the
party a few days later.
What she really wanted to do was go play tennis.
So we all went & played tennis. SO FUN!

Presents & cake!

(Due to the fact that she has told us she is turning "39 again" for so many years,
I'm not exactly sure how old she really is)

I have one AMAZING mother.
I'm so lucky!


Scott, Fia, and Tre said...

So Cute! How fun! Meg I miss you! I had a lot of posts to catch up on. It's so good to see that you're doing well!

Amy Nielson said...

That cake looks DIVINE!!! What kind of cake is it?

And yes, your mother IS amazing. :)