Friday, May 14

Las Vegas & LA Part 2

Friday was a much warmer day!
We had to be checked out by noon, so we did that & then spent a few hours
laying by the pool :)
From there, we went down to Mandalay Bay to visit the Aquarium.

It wasn't as big as I thought it would be but it was still fun!

After we left there we drove to Camarillo, California to Dean & Deanna's house.
They took us to this awesome Mexican place for dinner &
we stayed the night at their house.
Saturday morning we drove to LA for the wedding.
My parents got married in the LA Temple so it was really neat to be there.
My dad was telling me about the day they got married
& showed me the room where he sat & waited for my mom to come meet him :)

This was the first sealing I had been to besides my own.
On my wedding day I was so nervous & didn't really know what to expect
so I didn't really take the time to look around & really take everything in.
This sounds bad but I don't remember a lot of what was said & I wish I did.
There was one thing the Sealer said to my cousin & his wife that I really loved.
He talked about how a marriage is like a triangle with Heavenly Father at the top &
you & your spouse at the bottom corners.
The closer you each get to Heavenly Father, the closer the two of you become.
I've heard something like this before but I guess it was never explained
that way to me or I just didn't understand :)
But it really touched me that day in the Temple.
Funny story....
After the sealing the Sealer invited everyone to come up &
congratulate the newlyweds.
He kind of did it in a weird way though.
He didn't want anyone leaving until everyone had said their
congratulations, to keep the noise down once we left the room.
So people were just going up randomly & after a few minutes
my cousin sitting next to me grabbed my arm & took me up with her,
leaving Jeff kind of stranded.
After everyone had gone up the Sealer looked at Jeff & said,
"I didn't see you go up!"
He told me to come up with him & he put out his hand to
shake my cousin's hand at the same time as my cousin went in for a hug.
Those of you who know Jeff know how he feels about hugs :)
(especially from guys)
And how much he loves awkward situations :)
Watching it, it seriously felt like it was happening in slow motion.
It was super awkward & everyone was watching them.
My parents & Marshall were sitting right up at the front & started laughing.
I was laughing really hard.
It was just really funny.
But probably not that funny to those of you who don't know Jeff :)

These are some pictures of everyone waiting outside for our turn
to take pictures.
There were quite a few people getting married that day.

My dad & all of his siblings.

Crazy family...

Coming out of the Temple.

Tree family.
Wedding party.

After the luncheon we had a few hours to kill.
Melinda, being super obsessed with famous people, suggested we drive
through Beverly Hills & try to see someone famous :)
Who would have thought we really would!
We saw Arnold Schwarzenegger!
For real!
By the time we realized it was him, it was too late to get out the
camera & get a picture.
But we did get lots of pictures of the cool houses :)

While we were driving around we saw a sign that said,
"Map of the Stars here!"
Of course we had to buy one!
We tried 3 or 4 houses before we realized it was fake.
The addresses didn't exist.
There's $15 we'll never see again!

Here's some pictures from the reception later that night.

Dancing with Hubs.
And Hubs trying to dip me into the garbage can.
After the reception we drove back to Dean & Deanna's house for the night.
Sunday morning we left for home.
It's always nice to take a little break from life for a few days.
But it always feels good to get back home!


Caitlin said...

How fun! I love the L.A. Temple. That's where we were married. What a fun trip!

Amy Nielson said...

I'm so glad you shared the awkward hug story!!! SO funny. :) And I'm sure Jeff loves that you keep sharing it. ;)

Anonymous said...

For those of us who don't know Jeff that well, it was still immensely entertaining. What was super funny was when Darlene decided to help him overcome his phobia of hugs outside the temple while we were waiting. He was standing there with his arms folded, talking about his hula hoop of personal space, and she gave him a giant bear hug and wouldn't let go. And he kept his arms folded the whole time, tensed, waiting for her to let go of him.
~E Tree

Brittany @ LOVE STITCHED said...

sounds like a super fun trip!!! I am wanting to do a vegas weekend soon...just to lay by the pool and relax! lucky girl!