Tuesday, January 5

Christmas Festivities

Jeff & I spent the night at my parent's house on Christmas Eve.
Last year after Christmas, my mom got these cute Christmas socks for all of us girls to wear this year & gave them to us on Christmas Eve.


When Jeff was in Vegas at a Reptile Show, he bought 2-headed gummy snakes for Matthew & Maggie.
We let them open them on Christmas Eve.
We could tell Maggie was a little disappointed...she thought it was disgusting.
Matthew liked his though.

 Yes, those are gummy rats in their mouths.

 He also got one for Saxon & Bridger and we took it over on Christmas day. They loved it! Especially Bridger.
Pictures of them here.

Later that night, while my parents were upstairs wrapping presents, Melinda, Maggie & I played cards and Marsh & Jeff fell asleep on the couch. How boring are they?!


Maggie woke us all up the next morning at 7:00 am.
Santa Clause came & spoiled us all.

Husband did not enjoy being up so early on a Holiday.
 When we got him some food & started opening presents, he was more excited :)
We got so many awesome gifts. We're so lucky to have such amazing family.

My new crock pot! Love it!

This was funny...Maggie gave Jeff Little Caesars gift certificates & 2 oranges.
She knows him well :)
Some other gifts Jeff & I got......




My parents got us this new vacuum!
I was very excited because the one we had before...not so awesome.
Here is Jeff's gift from his awesome wife :)
(That I gave him at home because it was too much of a hassle to take to my parents)

Jeff & I found this snuggie for dogs at Walgreen's & had to buy it for Wilson.

It's a little small, but will fit him better when he gets his hair cut.

Some gifts the rest of my family got.....





Jeff's parents sent me this new coat & Marsh felt the need to try it on.
So pretty.

My dad made us breakfast.
We had bacon, eggs & muffins, then we played the new Wii games my family got.


My mom even played Mario Kart :)

 The family also got Toy Story Mania (from the ride at California Adventure) SO FUN!

Later that afternoon, Jeff & I went over and hung out at Caitlin & Nate's for a few hours. We had fun talking and playing with the boys' new Christmas toys :)
They gave us a George Foreman Grill for Christmas & I absolutely love it!
Everyone needs one of these things!

We went back to my parent's for Christmas dinner of ham & potatoes.
Then played some games.
What a fun day.
We are so thankful for this Christmas season to remember & celebrate the birth of our Savior.
And for the time we were able to spend with friends & family.


Amy Nielson said...

That is an insane amount of presents under the tree!! I guess that is what happens when there are so many people together for Christmas. You got some great stuff! :)

Brandon and Sara Moore said...

Nothin like spending christmas with the fam, a lot of crazy fun and tons of gifts! We have that same vacuum, its been good to us so far :) Cute coat too!

Jacob and Nicole said...

Fun Christmas!! Glad it was great!