Thursday, January 7

California Trip

Last week I got to go to Fresno!
Both of my parents grew up there & I have a lot of family who still live there.
My family & the Jonathan & Julie family were all heading out there the week after Christmas & I wanted to go too!
I wanted Jeff to come, but he couldn't take work off :(
Marshall, Mckay & his girlfriend (Megan) drove out there Saturday.
My parents, Melinda, Matt & Maggie and Jonathan's family drove out Monday.
I drove all night Tuesday & got there early Wednesday morning.
Melinda & I stayed at Rodney & Amy's house, so we got to play with the kids a lot, which was so fun :) I miss them.

I was sleeping on the air mattress & they loved to use it as a playground during the day.

Melinda getting ready :)

We spent a lot of time at my grandparents' house just hanging out with everyone.
And playing four square :)

Everyone waiting in line.


Melinda & Ryan

On New Year's Eve we all went to lunch at Me N' Ed's.
Best pizza in the world!



Then we went over to my aunt Darlene's house & watched The Blind Side.

 If you have not seen this movie, go NOW!
I love love love it!
Alyson did not like Mckay. This was the only time he held her without her crying. We distracted her with my phone.

Melinda & Megan made Muddy Buddies for us to snack on while we played games on New Year's Eve.

 This game was NOT fun.


New Year's day was Ashtyn's first birthday, so we had a little party for her.

 She was so funny & just used her 2 little fingers to pick at it for a bit.

 Then she held onto it with one hand while she used the other hand to eat little pieces.

Then she just dug in.

All the people squished in the kitchen to watch her...


Party poopers.


Grandma Eileen & the birthday girl.

Jacob, Alyson & me right before I was leaving to go home.

Love those kids :)
Fresno feels like a second home to me & I always love when I get to take a few days & go visit.


CJ and Kate said...

I love your blog, hopefully one day i can figure it how to do it :)

Amy Nielson said...

It was fun to have you guys here! You got some cute pictures. Can you email me the ones with my kids in them and the group shots? Thanks. didn't like that game cause you didn't know the answers. :) You are just too young to appreciate the 80's. ;)

scottsonn said...

What about Rosatis?
I thought it has the world's best pizza!!!!